Nilpod is a Podcast. Two Teachers, both obsessed with nonsense talk about subjects as wide and varied as you like. Sure would you look at the range below...

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Nilpod 209 Reesurrection - We Return... much like Jesus.
Nilpod 208 Vic and Bob. We got to see Vic and Bob. And share a room. No more need be said.
Nilpod 207 Thick - Two short planks enter a room and get joined by Dave Curran.
Nilpod 206 Corruption - Weíre back. And just in the nick of time. To save the world, but mainly just our listeners from the terrors of the modern political animal. Like House of Cards, but with more micky jokes.
Nilpod 205 Red Face - Back for a shorty. Nicky, caught out. Robot business. Wil becomes a millionaire.
Nilpod 204 Mess Distraction - Back once again like the negligent masters, lost a red car but we get you up to speed. Plus, nude looking at people. In the nude.
Nilpod 203 Agony Uncle - Advice from a couple of pros. Mowers, Moving and quiet voices.
Nilpod 202 Build-a-movie - Just a couple of Hollywood Moguls we were, casting each other. On a couch. Including a medieval erotic thriller that could be a goer soon.
Nilpod 201 The Ages - We spanned it. Creaks. Groans. Shakes and Shakers.
Nilpod 200 Verbs - Insanely we made it to 200 and with it we change entirely how we nilpod. So, nothing rude in this one at all. Nope. Not a single rude action.
Nilpod 199 Punchline - Jokers we can be. Comedians we are not. That said Wil helps out dedicated housewives and we recorded this entire nilpod in front of a brick wall.
Nilpod 198 Pod Pourri - We were outdoorsmen once again, hence some noise at the start. Other than that, Rob Dalton proved the star questioner and we are troubled and amused in equal measure. Also, nana's.
Nilpod 197 Would you rather - Glass asses, Ball Bells and unfortunate parental encounters.
Nilpod 196 Model - This one was fun. Our personal catwalks, street casting and the weight of being a spokesmodel.
Nilpod 195 List - Cultural Highs, alphabetic lows and we do what other podcasts promise but canít deliver. Rank clothing in order.
Nilpod 194 Denial - It got serious. Odd enough but we got irate. Kids being kids and men being dicks.
Nilpod 193 Germany - An atypically neat and orderly podcast, delivered punctually and with a minimum of fuss.
Nilpod 192 Voice - Top lady and Voice Coach Valerie Dalton comes in for a stay. Tips on keeping your voice and talking a mickey.
Nilpod 191 Down - But we keep it up. What? The usual. Prison Buddys and a Hobo Friend.
Nilpod 190 Festive slumpage - Very much the Coffee Creams in this box of Roses. Sexy Book talk and a smidgen of cursing. Happy New Year all of youse.
Nilpod 189 Roots - Man, this was a broad one. Nazis. Hole booting. Elbow Penises.
Nilpod 188 Pod Pourri - All over the shop. Advice for ourselves, bromance and cringing.
Nilpod 187 Trash - Dirty Talk. Well, Grubby. Bins, wrestlers and dumping it all.
Nilpod 186 Fall - Trip hazards and love falling. And a guest star.
Nilpod 185 Return - Its has been a long time, the longest yet, but we ’re back. Babied up and sleepless. The durt came back though.
Nilpod 184 Imminence - It’s a daddy centric edition. For that, apologies. Also features bad mullets, fat scooters and an outdoor wee though.
Nilpod 183 Holliers - We start em out en plain air. It was nice. High Up weeing, lonely travel and the horror of being a lad.
Nilpod 182 Hair - From heads to nether, we got it covered. Or do we?
Nilpod 181 Always Never - Nem rules for life by Wil, Nicky and you lot. Pants, hands, fights and bumpsydaisies.
Nilpod 180 Red - Was my face? Is that room? Did you see it? And Wil challenges a fiery temptress. In his past.
Nilpod 179 Lyrical Gangsters - A freestyler, in all the ways. Music Crimes. C-c-c c-crimes.
Nilpod 178 The Letter Q - Quasimodo Quit for Quality Quiztime. Quiet ensued. Then we showed up.
Nilpod 177 Break - Ah, sure we have it all here. Break ups, dance, beats and balls.
Nilpod 176 Following - after a long break, we return. We're behind you.
Nilpod 175 Newsbeat - Radio Silence interrupted for Breaking Headlines. Lab Willys. Nudey Men. Aging.
Nilpod 174 Going Postal - Your inbox is full. Jailbirds, Lovebirds, Cats and Pants. It's good to be back.
Nilpod 173 Outside In - A Brazapanese pod that never even mentions the football. We're joined by longtime Nilpodder Liliane to talk Ireland and her being in it. Tea etiquette, Handshakes and Cavan.
Nilpod 172 Menage a troix - Well, there were 3 of us, but no nudey business. Well, no more than usual. Dave Curran joins us for a lengthy one. Stories for kids, baby biz and a lengthy talk about an old profession.
Nilpod 171 Bigger, better more consistent - So I hear you're a sexist now Nicky? A plan, a masterclass and a course in Wilness.
Nilpod 170 Newsbeat - After our last soppy outing, back comes the sloppy. Insertions, Removals, Breaks and Bums.
Nilpod 169 Papa Papa Willy - A gentle return. The blow by blow on Ben getting born. And some understandable sentimentality.
Nilpod 168 Festive Wonders - The 12 moans of Christmas. Rich guy gifts. Santa Bones. Happy Christmas People.
Nilpod 167 Durty books read aloud - The awards are in and they are blue. Witness Wil cringing at voices too sexy for him to handle.
Nilpod 166 Brief Interviews with apparently Racist Men - Hard to believe, I know. Topic free and free ranging. Like your standard hen.
Nilpod 165 Newsbeat - Pompous Music. Tempered Reportage. High Minded Debate. And so many severed Members.
Nilpod 164 Chance - Limb Giving, the helping hand of Wil and the war against the Southpaw continues. Oh, and some inappropriate stuff. Unusual that.
Nilpod 163 The Devil - Horned ones and wingwangs. Back to the usual so. Rebranding, her indoors and Dad spats.
Nilpod 162 Sitting on the dock of the bay - Watching the ships going out, and coming in again. Howth, gulls, coffee. Milky coffee. Suspiciously milky.
Nilpod 161 West - A lengthy episode again with some westerly breezes. Newsy ones too. Thrones, Hooers and Cowboys.
Nilpod 160 What do I tell my lady baby? - Talked so hard we postponed the West until next week. We really rolled around the joint here. Kids n death n Love n stuff.
Nilpod 159 Pod Pourri - We were dognip today. A lovely Dejeuner sur l'herbe. And some durty chat. Summer Wine, Squirrels and man mooching.
Nilpod 158 Zoo Too - And so we return. El Tigre. Dole Animals. Heroin Dads.
Nilpod 157 Newsbeat - Yep. Back with a newsy buildup. Ham Fight. Thumbsucks. Snail Mickey. No change then so.
Nilpod 156 The Letter P - Positively back on track. Poleese, Pandas, Peas and Pricks.
Nilpod 155 Mixed Bizness - An up and downer. Lots of bits woven into a half finished jumper. Sexy book bits though.
Nilpod 154 Family Album - A journey into the past, picture wise. Leticia Agudo joins us to raise the level of discourse. But we still manage to lower the tone to acceptable levels.
Nilpod 153 Durty Books - We are sorry. For what you are about to receive. Take the explicit tag seriously. Bad sex scenes and some lumpen fumbling in the Shire. Sorry.
Nilpod 152 Romance Bloody Romance - And we never even expected it. Surprise guests makes this way more revealing than we planned. Heartbreak, sauce and hard love.
Nilpod 151 Saddlebacking - Well, getting back to business inanyways. Pant rummages, Sad fat kids and a minor beating of the news.
Nilpod 150 Music - Hard to believe it took us this long to do this subject. Unsure we did our utmost but we did it inanyways. Bad band names, our musical past and outfits.
Nilpod 149 Yahoo - We trawl the trolls to find important life questions. Imagine our surprise when what we find fits neatly into our usual area. Manbits, poops and hamster trouble.
Noelpod A drive and a chat. A Christmas cracker with all the bad jokes left in. No hats though. It was oddly clement.
Nilpod 148 The Letter O - Don't wet Roy Orbison. Don't feed him past 11.30. Do make lifestyle choices influenced by Glenroe.
Nilpod 147 Newsbeat - Stop the Presses. Stories about couch love. Bad Teaching Practices. Jumping literal bones.
Nilpod 146 Quiz us - Man, this took a lot of prep, but don't worry, sounds as shambolic as ever. Mr and Mrs Nilpod and a Wilterrogation. Plus spamwatch.
Nilpod 145 Build a Movie - We turn Mogul and greenlight the S out of high concept celluloid gold. All up there on the screen. And in your grilles.
Nilpod 144 Mafia - Mobbed up and sexy as flip. A Reading from the gospel according to Grey, Wil's mob dad and moider.
Nilpod 143 Pod Pourri - As Random as you like. Fart brands, Elephant Wil and tiny arm nipples.
Nilpod 142 Hole - Diggin em. Climbing into em. Digging further. Back in business so.
Nilpod - Test Signal Test Signal - Testing. Testing. Can You hear us? Is Wil right? Prove him wrong.
Nilpod - Episode 141a Star Wars Part Two - It gets wet, nerdier and we lose our credentials. Wil has amazing facehair though. Pity about the bladder control.
Nilpod - Episode 141 Star Wars Part One - It takes us a while but we gets into it. Lucas Hate, Prequels and what Leia had to do to Jabba.
Nilpod - Episode 140 Craft, or is it? - Wil does all he can to gang aglay the best laid plans of Nicky to knit stitch and sew our way into your hearts. So here is a mixed bag of bits, some wobbly, most wooly.
Nilpod - Episode 139 Nilpod Newsbeat - No escaping it. It's filthy. Balls, squid, removals and more.
Nilpod - Episode 138 The Letter N - Who knows where to begin? Nipples? Why not. Also, Nicky is not, repeat not a racialist.
Nilpod - Episode 137 Adventure! - Four Locations, Two Eejits. Food, Stalking Exes and Wil saves the planet.
Nilpod - Episode 136 Break - Smash. Bash. Crash. Mend. Broken hearts, ribs and mickeys.
Nilpod - Episode 135 Pod Pourri - Well travelled this week. Well we start with a journey then descend into our usual cesspool. Roleplay, savoury fistfight and Wil makes a wedding fabulous.
Nilpod - Episode 134 Sweet - From Lollipops to a sweet william we builds it.
Nilpod - Episode 133b Post Easter Egg - You wait for one Nilpod and another one comes along almost immediately after. Luck? A Curse? Or just more talk about genitals?
Nilpod - Episode 133 Phone - Late but long, like some of the best phonecalls. Toilet phone, textual misadventure and the word fact.
Nilpod - Episode 132 James Bond - Ejector Seats, Licences and the upside of sexism. Hello Ladies.
Nilpod - Episode 131 Nilpod Newsbeat - When 'and finally' becomes a constant. Caravans, Real Dolls, Imaginary Banjo Plucking.
Nilpod - Episode 130b Privacy Part 2b - We cultivate our mystery. Nachtfurzen, Internet privates, Eyes and the wire.
Nilpod - Episode 130a Privacy Part 2a - And it's a two parter. Long hairs on a body, Our diaries and a wondrous story of communication from Wil.
Nilpod - Episode 129 The Letter M - Free Range Moping. Moustaches, Mickeys, Mollifying and Manclaps.
Nilpod - Episode 128 Curse - Sweet Jebus we go to town on it. Bits, rap and indian cookery.
Nilpod - Episode 127 Story - Are you sitting comfortably? Well lets begin. To talk about Wils biopic, threatening kids, and having a look at It.
Nilpod - Not Quite Back We're not you know. But in the meantime. Promotion, bums and Scrabble.
Nilpod - Episode 126 New - Well that was a short break. New Nilpod, New Year. Not much has changed. Condoms, Auto Erotica and Pants.
Nilpod - Christmas Bonus Not so surprisingly we found the time to record you a stocking filler. The surprise? Two Daves, and some newsbeating.
Nilpod - Episode 125a Season Ender - It is done... for now. Season two ends with a squabble, some wussiness, pocket billiards and baby balls. See you all soons.
Nilpod - Episode 125 Friendspod Part 2 - The lovely Denise joins us to dish the dirt on Wilbur. So much dirt that some portions of this show have been deleted by him. Imagine the filthy possibilities.
Nilpod - Episode 124a How's my driving? - A brief but illuminating interlude between pods. Trees, Trains, Blocks and Holes.
Nilpod - Episode 124 Friendspod, Part One - We're joined by the wondrous Rebecca Grant and Wil does his best to dig dirt on Nicky. Because he is a locked box.
Nilpod - Episode 123 Fetish Part 2 - Oh Janey... I blame tiredness. And our filter being on the fritz. Pits, Poo, Sick and Fatties.
Nilpod - Episode 122a Apology - And not much more. Work gets in the way of Fetishpod but we managed to record a journey and Wil gets frisky with some ladies. Older ladies.
Nilpod - Episode 122 Nilpod Newsbeat 5 - Stop the Presses... Or don't, but do listen up. Badger sex dwarf, scarecrow drunks and non troll bridge sex.
Nilpod - Episode 121 Food - A meal worth waiting for. Disgust, the out of doors diner, meat and flavours.
Nilpod - Episode 120 The Letter L - Late, but loquacious. Leather pants, the Lowrahaun and Love.
Nilpod - Episode 119 Town and Country - We play it safe. Ignorance is paraded by two dubliners. Wil helps out a bull in need. Nicky on a Potty.
Nilpod - Episode 118 The Renaissance - Unfortunately the subject got a pretty meagre outing, but we had fun. Too much male member talk though. Art and Nipples.
Nilpod - Episode 117 White Whales/Obsessions - An unusually muted pod may suggest our White Whale just got away. Didn't stop us hunting Chihuahua, Yeti and Take That.
Nilpod - Episode 116 Would you rather Part 2 - A race through some unappealing quandaries. Licks, Make-up, Attacking badgers, piercing and kissing. Full on snogs.
Nilpod - Episode 115 Prejudice - Way less a hatepod, more minor miffs. Red hair, bottom slaps, animal hierarchy and dealbreakers.
Nilpod - Episode 114 The French - Bonjour, mes Ami. We plough through our neighbour neighbours as affectionately as possible, with an indepth field report from our roving reporters.
Nilpod - Episode 113 Nilpod Newsbeat 5 - Sexy and Disgusting. Have we ever aspired to be anything else? Coca Cola, Condoms, Gun warts and Superglue.
Nilpod - Episode 112 Murphys Law - Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. But we tried to make it seem like we meant it to be like that. Dave Curran joins us. Crashes, Raves, Cops and Tardiness.
Nilpod - Episode 111 Underground - Sharp Wil, Shaggy Nicky. We dig deep to discuss mining, sellouts, the other white meat and alone time.
Nilpod - Episode 110 The Elements - Earth, wind, fire, water. None of them fun if they're coming out of your bottom.
Nilpod - Episode 109 Pod Pourri - As broad as you like. Putting a face to a name, we go on an awkward date together and plan our statues.
Nilpod - Episode 108 Vanity - Bit too into ourselves are we? Well, given that we've done 108 episodes we must be. Adam returns for some disgusting talk. Tight Jeans, Steely blue eyes and fat waxing.
Nilpod - Episode 107 Free - It is late but it does what it says on the tin. For Free. Prison Breaks, Free Willy and a Jockey's nethers.
Nilpod - Episode 106 The Letter K - I can't explain it. Kinky as flip, featuring a David. Knickers. Kicking Beats. No Kerb Crawling though.
Nilpod - Episode 105 Religion 3 - The final installment in our holy trinity. And possibly the most profane nilpod yet. Our apologies. Trainee priests, celibacy and the need for sensual outlets.
Nilpod - Episode 104 If I ruled the World - Man this was a tough week. And it shows. But we do discuss poo, tie laces and beep more than before. World beaters. Yup.
Nilpod - Episode 103 Nilpod Newsbeat 4 - Ruder than usual this week but what can we do? This is the the world in which we live. Goats, knickers and how much for an adult hug from us.
Nilpod - Episode 102 The English - Another oddly lengthy pod. An accurate history of England alongside a wealth of dodgy accents and politeness.
Nilpod - Episode 101 Parenthood - We're back and some of us have made humans. Adam joins us to discuss children, birth, roast potatoes and swimming with kids. Good clean fun. Did you miss us?
Nilpod - Episode 100 Numbers - Ah Nilpod listeners, how can we count the ways in which we're grateful? Extra long numbers for this last episode for a while. Number Ones, Twos and beyond.
Nilpod - Episode 99 The Senses - Sniff that. Touch this. Look at yer man. Listen up. Taste the Nilpod. Echo Location, Whale leavings and Wil returns to the womb.
Nilpod - Episode 98 Conflict - It's a Royal Rumble, by which I mean a reasoned discourse between adults. Eejit adults but fairly grown up. The wrong end of a wilfight, the rules of Nilpod and losing it. Fist Style.
Nilpod - Episode 97 Waste - Will this be a waste of it or time well spent? Either way, it is mucky. Teeth, Booze, Electronics and Beyonce. Trash Bleepers.
Nilpod - Episode 96 Psychiatry and Therapy - Seems a bit lumpen as a subject title but heck, today felt lumpy. Good advice from our personal Therapists, the readers, How to deck out our rooms and Mind Rubbers. Recorded in Nilpod HQ.
Nilpod - Episode 95 Advertising - That was a very long commercial break for us. Now on with the show. Jingles, hate and Tampax. All you need for a successful campaign.
Nilpod - Episode 94 Freewheeling - We're topic free in a testy Nilpod before Christmas. Impromtu guest, Fat Brides, Singles and some candles. Happy Christmas.
Nilpod - Episode 93b Staff Do - Part 2. After a brief respite to eat our dinner we get on to the matter at hand. Meat. Drink. Animal Punching. Cake.
Nilpod - Episode 93a Staff Do - Part 1. This one is so long I cut it in two. Even so, it may be one for the real die hards. Prepare to eavesdrop on romantic pick ups and potential standups.
Nilpod - Episode 92 Moving on, Moving Out- Contentious issues contained here-in. Could one of us ever try to find a tenuous link between a question and a subject just to make it fit? Never. Foot stamping, forks and dog help.
Nilpod - Episode 91 Hollywood - We go big budget for this one. Andy Serkis has mo-capped all our movements and this podcast is being voiced by professionals. It was in developement hell but now its all up their on the screen.
Snow Drive The snow got us stuck in snow. But we did have a handy recorder. Real Pod will follow tomorrow. Think of this as the preamble preamble.
Nilpod - Episode 90 Protest - Revolution. When? Immediately after this. Dave Curran returns with invective, wisdom, and not a little depth. We talk a bit about protest. And also willies. Welcome to our level.
Nilpod - Episode 89 Drugs - Get your nilpod fix here. If you want to mainline idiocy and freebase liquid eejit, you have found your drugpal. Fulfil your pod-jones. Even if it is late.
Nilpod - Episode 88 Nilpod Newsbeat 3 - Hot Topics today. Muppet Sexuality, Jars of Wee, Log Breaking and the 3D Experience.
Nilpod - Episode 87 Fetishes - Try as we might this one was not the cleanest Nil we've ever podded. Squid. Chaps. Safety Words. Cereal. It gets Messy..
Nilpod - Episode 86 The Letter J - This one seemed suitably Jolly. This week, the Jelly-Jam Debates, Jesus, Jazz and Jokes. All your J bases covered.
Nilpod - Episode 85 Conspiracy Theories - You want a myth busted? A suspicious theory debunked? Something poo-pooed? We're your guys. Wil propositions a rich daughter and nicky buys a bed with him. Two beds.
Nilpod - Episode 84 Pod-Pourri - This one is hectic. Racing from advice to hate, punching to thumbs, gymnastics and showering. And we may be getting ruder. Time to rein it in.
Nilpod - Episode 83 Mortality and Immortality - Grim? Perhaps? Sexy? Hopefully not. We make difficult choices and decide who to save and who to damn. And wonder what goes in the special box. Owned by Wil.
Nilpod - Episode 82 Monsters - After the filth of last weeks pod we return to safer ground. The sartorial affairs of monsters, working with a beast and your classic alien. Also, dark alleys. And whispers.
Nilpod - Episode 81 Language - This one was a bit like a marble rolling up a hill then down a mountain. Slow burn... Rapid Descent. Be warned. Discussion of body parts contained within.
Nilpod - Episode 80 Best Laid Plans - Dave Curran helps us pull off this heist of a nilpod, in truculent form. Desert Islands, Bank Jobs, Adult Entertainment and Pies. Suggestions as to the word Wil says I had to beep on the Facebook Page please.
Nilpod - Episode 79 Colour - Despite early protestations we get spectral, see red and end in the black. Blood Paint, Tinted Lenses, Feminine Hygiene and embracing beige.
Nilpod - Episode 78 Nilpod Newsbeat 2 - We return once more to the dregs of the newsroom for an entire show filled with and finallys. Saunas. Crocodile. Midget. Hoover. This barrel is deeper than we thought.
Nilpod - Episode 77 Public Transport - It wasn't as far reaching as we'd like but man we talked up a good bus discussion. Seat dissuasion, little chats with the driver and some pants based business.
Nilpod - Episode 76 The Letter i - Implants, invincibility, ignorance and ink. All requirements of the perfect nilpodder.
Nilpod - Episode 75 The Zoo - Nilpod goes wild. Well, into captivity. We take another roadtrip, this time to the zoo at the request of several listeners. We don our safari suits and desert boots and hunt the big five. And the elusive meerkat...
Nilpod - Episode 74 Collecting - In a windswept mystery location we collate, catalogue, number and swap. Then we start on Nilpod. Hip hop style openings and breezy closures. If you have a fancy paper allergy do NOT listen.
Nilpod - Episode 73 Old Wives Tales - We ate carrots. We ate our crusts. We did not pluck gray hairs. We did get crotchety. Some more than others.
Nilpod - Episode 72 The lowest of the low - Firstly, an apology. This may be the skankiest nilpod yet and as such gets an explicit tag. It does not signal any change of direction. People on leads and eating poo. I need say no more.
Nilpod - Episode 71 The Night - Nilpod tries to reclaim the phrase of Snoozefest as a badge of honour and not shame. Bed times, Night Frights and Spinal Injury.
Nilpod - Episode 70 America - Route 66 takes us places we've not been before, at least on Nilpod. Dave Curran joins us in a semi secret location in our own House un-American Committee. We go easy though. Food, Film and Injuns. The Finer things.
Nilpod - Episode 69 Petty Grievances - Man you people got riled by this one. We're not above it. All minor quibbles get aired in an inclusive festival of Griping. Eye contact, unacknowledged generosity, careless motorists and poor ATM Etiquette. Featuring our first ever phone in.
Nilpod - Episode 68 Nilpod Newsbeat - Beep dit a beep di beep. Vulture Brains. Bike Sex. Funeral Food. Weather at 11.
Nilpod - Episode 67 Noise - Beeping Noises. Toilet Sounds. Heavy Breathing. Rock and Roll. These will end all things. In honour of this, today's Nilpod is nothing but white noise. chhhhhhhhhhhchhhhhcccccchhhhh.... ffftt.
Nilpod - Episode 66 The Letter H - Helen Keller, Hotness, Hair, Hubris and the Homosexuals within us all. Encyclopedic Hugfest.
Nilpod - Bonus 2 Bonus - If you can call it that. Despite claiming we wouldn't nilpod this week we found the time for a chat regardless. And that is all it is. Imagine, if you will, a blip in time, as if Nilpod remained topic free and flowed like cold gravy. Hairgel, Holidays and Faux Pas. Normal service resumes Wednesday.
Nilpod - Episode 65b Videogames - Level Two - Power up. The shame of gaming and how far it could advance your career. Adam makes a stab at usurping Dave. This results in a spectacular boss battle. Nobody Wins.
Nilpod - Episode 65a Videogames - Level One - Fight. In which we're joined once again by Adam and talk so much that this one's going to be split in two. The game world's in which we'd live, the powers we'd make our own and Mario's little boot. Press Start to resume. Same time next week.
Nilpod - Episode 64 Lost and Found - Wil seemed to have lost his mojo as we started but he found it as we spoke. Money, Spidermen, Minds and an ability to speak english. All lost. Conversely, Money and Barbers that listen. But where did the socks go?
Nilpod - Episode 63 Inventions - Faster. Sleeker. Stupider. Today Nilpod gets re-invented. Although it may seem like every other episode, this week we have made subtle modifications that ensure this is an entirely new product. Welcome to Nilpod 2.0.
Nilpod - Episode 62 Rich and Poor - Bindle? Check. Monocle? Check. Smashed top hat? Check? Fur Coat? Check. Let's go! :::::Comes with one free bad word that starts with D.
Nilpod - Episode 61 Philosophy - Nilpod would be happy to get one hand clapping with this effort. Tough subject but we wax philosophical with the greats. Falling on your arse, proving our existence but not each others and calling ourselves. Repeatedly.
Nilpod - Episode 60 Enemies - We get our gander up and are helped along the way by the inimitable Dave Curran as we investigate the people in our lives and the world at large that we watch through eyeslits and couldn't trust as far as we could throw them. None of yous are on the list. Well... you. You might be.
Nilpod - Episode 59 Television - Like the attention deficient eejits we are we flick from topic to topic like its primetime saturday night. A lifetime of watching television finally pays off in this weeks episode, all under the vigilant gaze of a neighbouring dog.
Nilpod - Episode 58 Dinosaurs - Rawr! Wil is Godzilla. Nicky is Godzookie. They bicker. Wil is triumphant. Then they talk about Dinosaurs. And how many holes in a crocodile.
Nilpod - Episode 57 Neighbours - Hi. We just moved in. Yeah. yeah. We're major pains. Just wondering, could we borrow some sugar? And do you have any ideas for our podcast? No, I don't believe in bins. The garden is nature's bin. Embrace it!
Nilpod - Episode 56 G - Gnomes, Gonads, Gesticulation and Gold. Gnilpod Gets Gross. Our Apologies.
Nilpod - Episode 55 Stress - From our first day on the job to a stiletto through your foot, Nilpod gets stressed out. Wil deals with a breakdown in south central LA and Nicky proposes neck spines to indicate our emotions.
Nilpod - Episode 54 Battle of the Sexes - You want to hear the sound of a fence being sat on? Listen up. Martian Men, Venusian women, the habits we hate in each other and a terrifying insight into the mind of one young lady in one of our pasts.
Nilpod - Episode 53 Art - From MoMA to Dada, Nilpod gets its Art on. Bodily Fluids, Outsider Art and Groom get Continental.
Nilpod - Episode 52 Education Part 3 - College - We are One. Huzzah. For our first Birthday we finish the trilogy of our education. Being Broke, Boozing, Nerdish Leanings and Arctic Frost. We had better get a First.
Nilpod-Episode 51 Fallen Idols - Although not thinking of ourselves as idols we are reconciled with the idea that we will, one day, have a gradual slide from grace rather than a fall. More Phil Collins than Spector. Lets hope this is not the top of that slope.
Nilpod - Episode 50 Growing Older - Due to our advancing journey toward the grave we get on subject in record time. Dave joins us to complete a hat-trick of appearances. Boobs, Botox, Ear Hair and Cheese. The mind really does drift the older we get. Nilpod remembers when all of this was fields.
Nilpod - Episode 49 Superheroes. ZAP. POW. WHAP. DOINK. EXPLODE! The Dynamic Duo foil the baddies once again with their powerful waffle. When they take their glasses off powerful forces are not unleashed. About as fast as a bullet being thrown. Up.
Nilpod - Episode 48 Would you rather - Hummus or Pizza? Vampire or Werewolf? Aliens or Lions? We tackle the big issues. And apparently there's a recession on.
Nilpod - Episode 47 E to F - From Eggs to Extinction and from Freckles to Flight Volume 3 of the Encyclopedia Nilpodica is uncomfortably full after Christmas.
Nilpod - Episode 46 Christmas. Ho Ho Ho. Bah Humbug. Delete as appropriate. In a Nilpod jam packed with festive cheer we talk about Jesus, his cousin Santa and the terrors of other Santas. Gifts abound. No Myrrh, but we both stink of Frankincense. Happy Christmas.
Nilpod Bonus Nicky and Wil Drive home after seeing Avatar.
Nilpod - Episode 45 The Internet - We're back. After an unfortunate postponement, we're joined by Adam Maguire, curator of the excellent technology site to discuss all things interweb. From lolcatz to ego surfing, this one runs the gamut. Thanks for waiting!
Nilpod - Episode 44 Habits. We've lined everything up neatly and we're definitely wearing our own underpants. Now, lets pick away at everything from farting to gaming, smoking to space staring. And nuns. Scary nuns.
Nilpod - Episode 43 What if...? From Man Babies to the Zombie Apocalypse, all bases are covered. Eyes swapped with mouths, Black Midgets, Sentient Computers and the little men inside us all. Hypothesize!
Nilpod - Episode 42 Space - The Final Frontier. Boldly going where no Nilpod has gone before we contemplate the Galaxy. Probings, Aliens, Zero Gravity and which one of us would take a giant leap for mankind.
Nilpod - Episode 41 Health - Back to the wiffle, after last weeks jam packed informofest. We prescribe a healthy dose of nilpod, taken aurally. May cause drowsiness and no little nausea. Do not operate any heavy machinery. Ever again.
Nilpod - Episode 40 Politics - Dave returns! Like any good politician making all kinds of promises. Flesh was pressed. We've been gladhanded. In the longest Nilpod yet we cover all the bases. Manifestos! Poverty! Blame! Facial Hair!


Nilpod - Episode 39 Halloween - Sorely delayed this week but we're back to help the Halloween party. Inappropriate costumes, the liberation of a 6 foot strawberry, door etiquette and monkey nuts. So many monkey nuts.
Nilpod - Episode 38 Money - Let's get Fiscal! Once again our lack of knowledge in an area has not been reason enough for us to avoid it. Pocket Money, Communion stashes, the joy of saving and blowing it all on Groom.
Nilpod - Episode 37 Privacy - Perhaps a little late in the day, Nilpod turns to a subject that conflicts with the character of the show. Do we have any secrets any more? Googling, toilet matters and the stalking of Wil. Now brought to you with eight eyes.
Nilpod - Episode 36 Religion Part 2 - We really love God here on Nilpod so use our second foray into his World to question his teachings. Testicle rulings, Jesus and his Asbo and how we'd rebrand the church. We are so getting smitten.
Nilpod - Episode 35 The Truth about the Irish - Taking on a subject too big to fit, we do our best to cram as many Shenanigans as possible into this soul searching programme. How we're perceived abroad, our gratitude to busdrivers and just how un-Irish the two of us can be. To be sure, Ho HO!
Nilpod - Episode 34 Agony Uncles - Wil and Nicky test their mettle (and your patience) with solutions to all of your problems. Fort building, relationships, work, nudity and what to do with left over hair.

(Also, Wil is right. I made a mistake about an author.)

Nilpod - Episode 33 C to D - From Cake to Death and all that fits between them we continue with the Encyclopedia Nilpodia. The plight of the cow, the lure of cosmetic surgery, diaries and children who chase. This one is jam packed.
Nilpod - Episode 32 Great Expectations. Both Wil & Nicky had some for today but were perhaps a little overly confident. In one of the sleepiest Nilpods yet, Wil looks out for his siblings while Nicky sings to his, we read of hopes dashed and discuss whether we'd go visit an old woman.
Nilpod - Episode 31 The Pursuit Of Happiness - This week Nilpod bring you their very own Ode To Joy. We learn how marriage can be an early death sentence for one of the sexes (although a solution is also offered), Nicky ponders gravity, we consider The Little Book Of Nilpod, and we both exude an air of contentment by the end. No cigarettes were smoked afterwards though.
Nilpod - Episode 30 Secondary School - Coghlan? Anseo! Mcdermott? Anseo! The Perils of the School disco, teacher foibles and could we pass the Leaving were we to do it today? I'd give todays show a C1. Honours, but just about.
Nilpod - Episode 29 A to B - From Aardvarks to Baloobas the Encyclopedia Nilpodia is flung open. We're droppin' knowledge bombs in your laps and they will go off, so maybe you should stop, drop and roll. Or eat them quickly. Quickly!
Nilpod - Episode 28 A Brief History of Time - Sending Nilpod back from the Future to arrive on Tuesday we discuss all things clockbound. The prospect of meeting our younger selves, Punctuality, why Superman should have thought twice before reversing time and Nicky gets attacked by a Socialite.
Nilpod - Episode 27 The Sea The Sea - Avast Ye landlubbers! We take pirate radio to its logical extremes and answer all questions nautical. Scraping the bottom of Davy Jones Locker for you scurvy dogs we discuss mermaid permutations, the terror of sharks and how we'd cope stranded on a desert island. Arr!
Nilpod - Episode 26 The Idiot. Or IQs, Id and the super ego. (Wils is superest) From the ineffable allure of wet paint on a wall to the stupidmaking of fan worship we plumb the depths of the idiothole and pull out some prize eejits.
Nilpod - Episode 25 Sense and Sensibility. We made it to the Quarter century! This week we debate how sensible we are to be doing such a confessional podcast at all. Plus sensitive types, which sense we'd sacrifice, and Nicky picks a fight with the
Nilpod - Episode 24 Crime & Punishment. All societies ills are solved in this podcast. Blue face or jail, intoxicating a fish, inciting a dog to bark and other topics from the coalface of crime are discussed. No crimes were committed in the making of this nilpod (except ones against decency.)
Nilpod - Episode 23 Nilpod 23 - Hygiene. We make a big stink about stink, from our lofty positions of gleaming cleanliness. Work based shaving, Bathroom accidents and healthy advice on how to tell someone they smell. None of you though. You smell like roses.
Nilpod - Episode 22 Boredom. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz. Awake! Guest! Wil and Nicky are joined by their second guest, Dallas, to enter the world of the bored, while trying not to bore each other. Meetings, Monotony, favourite toes, lego and several useful escapes.
Nilpod - Episode 21 The Road. This week welcomes an interesting sociological departure; Travelling to each others roads. Literally,and figuratively too. Stalking the Lowrahaun, sitting in the boot, pulling our ears and pegging our social classifications. How's Wil's driving? Pretty cautious really. But smooth...
Nilpod - Episode 20b Nilpod 20b - Sports Part 2. After a stern team talk over the halftime oranges we're back to play the second half, and this time we gave it 110%. We push far up the field with talk of our Olympic Bids, The difference between games and sport and ultimately the game is called off due to an unfortunate streaking incident. Guess who streaked.
Nilpod - Episode 20 Sports. Goal! This is a Nilpod of two halves. Welcoming our first guest, Dave Curran, we spoke for so long that part two will be available next week. This week, sunburn, camaraderie and how to run a sports day. (and how to ruin one.)
Nilpod - Episode 19 Primary School - Nilpod, the Wonder Years. Nicky and Wil discuss their formative years in education with news of nicky splats, toilet tales, and the chaos when the teacher left the room. Excellent listener stories too.

Nilpod - Episode 18


Sacred Cows - From the People's Princess to the Eurovision, Nicky and Wil untangle the mess of hurt pride and irate defensiveness that Sacred cows inspire. Wil vears dangerously close to alienating all of our listeners with holiday bragging.Nilpod in no way endorses his views.
Nilpod - Episode 17 Lies - Porkies. Though vegetarian, Nicky admits to telling some and Wil aint no slouch either. White lies, the guilt, the triumphs and just how good we are at reading deceit.
(Wil=very good. Nicky=not so much.)
Nilpod - Episode 16 Madness - If you hear voices in your head other than ours, then this is the nilpod for you. Misplaced Polar Bear affection, calming colours, Johnny Beep Beep, more on
"The Lowrahaun" and yet another in a seemingly neverending string of nearly nude anecdotes from the Coghlan stable.
Nilpod - Episode 15 Revenge! - We serve up some nice cold revenge with a side order of boots up the arse. despite scant nudity references this episode we do deliver on the poo front.
Nilpod - Episode 14 The Great Outdoors - The sun comes out and the lads get all misty eyed... about the pains of camping, the joys of being out in the open and what Doyler did in his pants. High brow, as ever.
Nilpod - Episode 13 The Youth of Today - We are putting you on blast and busting some phatty moves in todays nilpod. Now that's the butta. you'll be cheesing by the end. this is still free and makes us no cheddar.
Nilpod - Episode 12 The Creative Podcast - Despite much evidence to the contrary, Wil and Nicky prove to each other and the world that they know a thing or two about make and do. Well they try, with a cover version challenge, mala, nickys poems, wils prize winning creations and his destructive urges. The war of the nude rages on... Here are our cover versions to download.
wil's cover nicky's cover
Nilpod - Episode 11 The Supernatural Podcast. Boo! Ghosts, vampires, testicles and all that goes bump in the night. Nicky tackles tackle as we take on the twin roles of Mulder and Scully and investigate the supernatural. (Guess which one's the glamorous redhead.)
Nilpod - Episode10 The Etiquette Pod - Double Digits! We celebrate, with some moderate high fiving followed by much measured discussion on Wil shucking Oysters, Nicky dissappointing kids and how one must behave at table, in gym and at door. Polite, but filling. Like a croissant.
Nilpod - Episode 9 The Futurepod - Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! In which we discuss possible futures, definite pasts, the likelihood of various film futures and the dinochicken. Would you like a housebot? It will listen to Nilpod for you.
Nilpod - Episode 8 The Ragepod - Oh, it's on! It's on like Donkey Kong!!! There are many things that get our respective goats and because we need those goats we get very angry! We discuss what it takes to tip us over the edge and what we have done to enrage others. Nicky also finally makes good on his promise of an embarrassing photo. No Religion this week, oddly.
Nilpod - Episode 7 The Work Podcast - Bidness Time for Nicky and Wil. We offer sage advice on interview techniques, find out how low we'd go in the world of work and discuss the Pope's average day at the office. Again, with the Religion.
Nilpod - Episode 6
The Fashion Podcast - Despite little qualification beyond the fact we wear clothes, we wax stupid on all things fashion. Berets, Goldfish in stripper boots and the perennial shoe/jean debate is solved once and for all.
The Evolution Podcast - The longest one yet. Bears get discussed at length. Scant mention of any real Evolution. If anything, we prove that mankind is retrograde... but Wil likes hot milk and Nicky sings across the ocean.
The Religious Podcast - Nicky gets his fight on, Wil embarrasses his mother at Mass and once again, we learn to love God.
Holidays we hated, our predictions and the reasons we are just not cool. nicky talks way too much.
This week: ripped kaks, opinions, superstition and wil's downstairs business.
Nilpod - Episode 1 In which we discuss early conversations with our parents, our action men and wil's lucrative mini company.